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We at LTO Real Estate, understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. With banks tightening up on their guidelines, becoming a homeowner isn't as easy as it used to be and that's why Lease-Purchase homes are gaining in popularity.

We help customers put a plan in place based on individual needs so that the customer is in the best possible position to transition from renter to owner within the Lease-Purchase agreement period. We specialize in helping people with less than perfect credit or less than perfect income and giving them an opportunity that most banks won't...to become a homeowner! The best part is that our process is not long and complicated and we have all of the tools and resources an individual will need to successfully become a homeowner... MORE ABOUT LTO

Our Properties

  • 4BR/2BA house in Fort Myers. 1223ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Spring Hill. 1555ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Lehigh Acres. 1684ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Ocala. 1578ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Port Charlotte. 1188ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Cape Coral. 1302ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Lehigh Acres. 1460ft2 of living space.
  • 3BR/2BA house in Cape Coral. 1268ft2 of living space.


    Lease-Purchase homes require commitment on the part of the homebuyer. The goal of homebuyers is to eventually be able to purchase the home of their...
    Not to be confused with a rental security deposit, an option fee is paid at the beginning of the lease period. The option fee is 12-15 percent of the agreed-upon purchase...
    When entering into Lease-Purchase agreement, prospective homebuyers need to prepare to qualify for a mortgage, which will probably be needed to finance the final...
    Homebuyers must have discipline to make a Lease-Purchase property work out. For instance, if a homebuyer does not have good credit, then they must...
    Making the financial commitment to purchase a home requires a steady income, no matter the exact method of purchase chosen. To afford rent...
    Lease-Purchase homes involve agreements that work differently than conventional home purchase or rental contracts...
    When entering a Lease-Purchase Agreement, homebuyers will encounter two different kinds of agreements. First, the Lease-Option agreement spells out...
    When buyers sign the Lease-Purchase agreements, the option fee must be paid up front. This fee guarantees that the buyer will have the first option to purchase the home...

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